Completed live painting

Completed live painting, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
Did this business live on the stage with Dustin Orlando and Brandon McLean!

(Mine is on the right Mr. Wesley Willis!)


Live Painting

Live Painting, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
Live Painting against Dres 13 at High Gloss on April 16, 2010


Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
Sketch of Wesley Willis for painting at High Gloss


Lousy Berries and Lost Clutches

Lousy Berries and Lost Clutches, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
New for the Believe the Hype! Miami show. I revisited/refined this guy that I sketched a while back.


Believe The Hype! Miami

Believe The Hype! Miami, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
A La Revenge x Bold Hype x Eazy Street Gallery Proudly Present:


Believe the Hype is a revolutionary art show featuring paintings, sculptures and installations created by an unprecedented collective of urban contemporary, pop surrealist, mixed media and kill or be killed street artists, from around the world.

The Miami exhibition is the 2nd installment of the group show that opened at Bold Hype Gallery in Orlando, back in September 2009.

BELIEVE THE HYPE! will be making its Miami debut on Saturday April 10th 2010, and will be held at Eazy Street Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District.

The show will feature a live bodiless head, some 2-d art works, a krink mural, a suspended sculpture, some wood paneled walls, shag carpet, strong drinks, and raunchy video’s.

BELIEVE THE HYPE! Miami features artwork by:

Jesse Reno – Doug Boehm – Robert Bellm – Levon Jihanian – David Chung – Johnny Robles – Nick Gazin – Andrew Spear – Johannah O’Donnell – Dolla – Brandon Dunlap – Eric Althin – Dustin Orlando – Mat Curran – Parail – Dubelyoo – Adriaan Mol – Dres13 – David Hoskins – Scott Donald – Brandon McLean – Jose Mertz – Lucy Furs

Curated By: Dustin Orlando

Performing Live: ANR (Awesome New Republic)
With DJ Sets by: Keen-One

Doors Open at 8:00pm-Late Night
Complimentary Cocktails Provided by: Seven Tiki Spiced Rum
Cover : $10

Free Giveawayes from IN4MATION – Bold Hype – A La Revenge

For more information check out:

The official after party will be held at POPLIFE @ The Electric Pickle

To RSVP or to purchase in advance please contact Dustin Orlando at 321-217-1675, or

Get familiar with the artists work by clicking the links below:

Jesse Reno –
Doug Boehm –
Robrt Bellm –
David Chung –
Levon Jihanian –
Johnny Robles –
Johannah O’Donnell –
Nick Gazin –
Andrew Spear –
Dolla –
Eric Althin –
Mat Curran –
Parail –
Dubelyoo –
Adriaan Mol-
Dres13 –
David Hoskins –
Scott Donald –
Brandon McLean –
Jose Mertz –

Thanks for the LOVE! See you on Saturday April 10th

Uploaded by ScottDonald on 4 Apr 10, 4.31PM EDT.


Spirit Bear in the Golden Age of Jihad

Spirit Bear in the Golden Age of Jihad, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
This is about Myth and Fear


Small Wonders Paintings

Small Wonders Paintings, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
10″x10″ Paintings From Small Wonders Show



Shika, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
For squareFACTOR charity art show at Mother Falcon


Scumbag Methlab Fistfight

Scumbag Methlab Fistfight, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
For the SquareFACTOR and friends charity art show at Mother Falcon



Swamptard, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
Swamptard is up in ur pantry eating ur cornmeal



Sclops, originally uploaded by ScottDonald.
Me with one GD eye, kind like the swamptard